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Investigate Carolinas specializes in obtaining the information you need for your case.  Our inside investigators can produce a detailed and accurate report no matter where the subject might be located. We provide a wide range of different background checks to get the specific type of information you are in search for and the information is provided to you in a court ready report.

A detailed background check provides pertinent information that you can harness to protect yourself, your family or business from potential fraud. The information provided can also be used in case of undesirable business, criminal or civil situations.

Background Investigation Services

Address Searches

Criminal History Search

Civil Record Checks

DMV Searches

Nanny Background Checks

Babysitter Checks

Professional License Verification

Reference Checks

Social Security Verification

Asset Locates

Property Searches

Bankruptcy, Judgments and Lien Searches

Call or contact us today at 704-721-6306 for any background investigation service that you need and we will have the appropriate investigator meet with you and go over the process and results that you can expect from our background checks.  Your case is kept in confidentiality.

Criminal records: You will learn about a provided person’s criminal history by conducting a background check.

Marital status: These checks make it possible for you to determine whether a given person is married or not.

Current or most recent address: If you’re interested in knowing a given person’s current or most recent address for one reason or another, the services of a private investigator will really be helpful. You will also get to know a person’s address history.

Possible employers: Background checks produce information on past and current employers and possibly the reasons why he/she left the job.

Properties owned: You will learn about the ownership of the properties and owned by the person of interest.  Assets are checked by our inside investigators.

Past and current vehicles: You can also get the details of the vehicles that a given person owns now and those that he/she owned before.

Driver’s license information: It is very easy for a private investigator to find the driver’s license information of a given person through a background check.

Professional license:  License verification is very important when you want to protect yourself against negligent hiring claims. Background checks helps to verify that a given person has a valid professional license.

Bankruptcy records: When conducting these checks, you will also learn about a person’s credit reports debt load and debt repayment history. Credits checks will not only reveal bankruptcy information, you will also learn about liens, collections etc.

JudgmentsIf a person has been involved in any cases, you will get information about the cases and the judgments.

For a free consultation contact us at 704-721-6306.

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