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We can provide services for personal reasons; investigative services for adultery and child custody cases, conduct background work on the subject or a potential nanny / child care and locate a dead beat parent.

GPS Tracking

We can set up a GPS tracking systems on personal vehicles, utilized for monitoring activity of private vehicles. These covert systems produce information on the location, time of starts and stops of the vehicle in motion. These systems will also detect the mileage. The GPS tracking devices are installed covertly within the car, the miniature devices will tell you the specific whereabouts of your mischievous teenager, adulterous spouse, or nanny in charge of your children. With this paid service you will obtain street addresses and a timing device reporting the length of time and duration of each stop the subject visits.

Details: Includes installation/un-install GPS device, satellite fee and monitoring daily.

For a free consultation contact us at 704-721-6306.

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