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We can provide services for personal reasons; investigative services for adultery and child custody cases, conduct background work on the subject or a potential nanny / child care and locate a dead beat parent.


Do you having a “feeling” or noticing any “red flags”?  We can assist you in searching further.

Have you noticed a change in your spouse/ partner’s behavior?

Has your spouse/ partner drastically changed his/ her physical appearance?

Is your spouse/ partner returning home from work later than usual or changed their daily routine?

Is you spouse/ partner showing unusual signs of attachment to their cell phone or computer?

Have you noticed unusual withdraws or purchases on your bank statements?

Our licensed private investigators can assist you in determining which type of investigation will work best for your situation.  We can provide the following services:

  • Mobile surveillance on spouse/ partner or paramour.
  • GPS surveillance on spouse.
  • Video and photographic evidence on spouse/ partner or paramour.
  • Background search on spouse or paramour.
  • Detailed report of the investigation.
  • Testify in court on your behalf.

For a free consultation contact us at 704-721-6306.

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