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We provide services for a large array of businesses and attorneys; seeking assistance in process serving, criminal and civil background checks, job safety issues, locates of witnesses and missing persons, and asset checks.

Witness Locates and Missing Persons Locate

This paid service will provide and uncover the subject’s current address for a Process of Service, locating a witness for an interview for your case, real estate fraud, skip bail, missing family member or any other situations in which a person may be hiding their whereabouts. We utilize a specialized database only accessible to license private investigators. We also work with business and government sources to obtain current addresses. At Investigate Carolinas, we provide up to date and accurate information to our clients. We utilize superior technology, databases that search records and experience Licensed Private Investigators to provide our clients with the information that they need. Your search will be conducted by a Licensed Private Investigator. Many internet based companies offer searches, which the majority of these companies are not Licensed Private Investigators and often provide inaccurate or out of date information.

Details: The cost varies depending on the length of time necessary to locate the subject.

For a free consultation contact us at 704-721-6306.

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